CAMPIDOGLIO Civil Wedding in the city of Rome
    We were sad to leave your beautiful country, but happy to be back in the US as husband and wife. Of course none of this would not have been possible if it were not for you....Thank you so much, we will be in debt to you forever! I can't say enough about how beautiful Italy is! If only I could speak the language I would want to move there right now. We hope to return for an anniversary, but sadly that won't happen for a while. Our wedding was very nice. Pretty much as I expected: short and sweet. Paulo was great to work with, and Ms. Daniella saved the day for us in Rome. In short, feel free to release my email to anyone you want regarding your services, I would be happy to testify to your company and especially to you. If there is anything else you need just let me know. Again, thanks for your great service,


    Civil Wedding in CARACALLA
    Thank you for the welcome back...the jet lag is wearing off, and we're settling back in. Oh, how we both wish we could have stayed in Italy! Our trip was amazing; each city--Venice, Florence, Siena, and Rome was wonderful in its own way. Even now we're racking our brains to think of ways that we could legally move to Italy. (If you know of any, please let me know )
    Our wedding coordinator, Ms Daniela was very sweet and a great help, and her 2 witnesses were both very nice also. The day went off without a hitch. The location was beautiful, and as you said, even the weather was perfect.
    I really can't thank you and Italian Destination Weddings enough. I've already begun recommending you to everyone I know!
    Thanks so so so much!


    Civil Wedding in CARACALLA
    Hello! Hope this message finds you well. We are both very well indeed having returned from the most romantic holiday imaginable! We had 7 days in Rome, 8 days in Florence and 10 days in Paris. It was the most beautiful experience and made so memorable because of our wedding in Rome. We wanted to let you know that the ceremony was wonderful for us. Daniela (on site coordinator) was marvelous with the paperwork and organizing things including her son and his girlfriend as witnesses. Paulo the photographer was a lovely man too. We really had the ideal situation. We loved Italy so much and are now planning to return for walking on the Amalfi coast!
    On Wednesday we returned home to tell our parents and friends because this had been a secret just between the two of us. Everyone is so very happy for us and we now experience their joy as well as our own!
    Thank you for your advocacy and good planning Barbara. We look forward to receiving the photos in the near future.
    Very best wishes and greetings from,
    Dr Kerryann Walsh


    CARACALLA Civil Wedding
    Let me begin by sincerely thanking you for all of the hard work you and your collegues have done for me and Chris.  As I'm sure you may have already guessed, the wedding was a virtually flawless affair -- far beyond any expectations I dared have.  Daniella was amazing and we would like to thank her as well for her kindness and diligence.  Chris and I will now have a beautiful memory to treasure for many, many happy years to come.
    Thank you again for an amazing wedding experience. 
    Kindest regards,

    Julia Michel

    CARACALLA Wedding Civil
    We've been meaning to e mail you to thank you again for making our wedding a perfect one. The Hall of Caracalla was beautiful, our friendly, English speaking driver took us to all the nice touristy places for pictures in a very nice Mercedes, our dinner was fabulous and the day was just perfect! We can't wait to see our pictures. They should be here soon.
    Daniella was wonderful. Please tell her thanks from us and give her a big hug too.
    Thank you Barbara,
    Isabel & Israel Martinez