Wedding Locations

Campidoglio Wedding Hall- Civil Weddings
On The Capitoline Hill, Next To The Coliseum And Roman Forum, In The Heart Of Rome

Caracalla Wedding Hall- Civil Weddings
Formerly A Church, Santa Maria In Tempula, Surrounded By A Beautiful Park In The Caracalla Baths.
Interior Is Elegant And Very Intimate.

Villa Lais Wedding Hall- Civil Weddings
Near Basilica San Giovanni, In The Tuscolano Area.
Villa Lais Is A Small Chapel Of The 19Th Century With Beautiful Frescoes. It Is The Ideal Location For An Intimate Civil Wedding.

Church Of Santa Maria In Ara Coeli
Impressive Church Located In The Heart Of Rome On The Capitoline Hill.
Catholic Weddings.

Church Of Santa Maria In Trastevere
In Trastevere Quarter. This Church Is One Of The Most Beautiful Churches In Rome.
Catholic Weddings.

Sant'Anna Dei Palafrenieri
The Church Of S. Anna In Vatican Is A Roman Catholic Parish Church In The Vatican City.

Tivoli is an ancient town in latium region, it is a charming hilltop town overlooking the aniene river, about 30 km from rome.
Tivoli is famous for the well known villa d'este and villa adriana.

frascati is located on the alban hills, in the castelli romani area.About 20 km soth-east of rome.
Now frascati is famous for its white wine "frascati".

Ariccia is located within what was once a crater, castelli romani area.
Ariccia is now in the midts of a beautiful wooded area.
The wedding hall is housed in a baroque palace.

Bracciano is a beautiful wedding location on lake bracciano, near rome, about 40 km.
This town is also famous for the orsini castle.

Trevignano is on lake bracciano, it seems a swiss village. Romantic, warm village.

Possibility to organize wedding in tuscany and amalfi coast.